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Information Technology 1000 - Introduction to Information Technology This course introduces the field of Information Technology including foundation experiences and knowledge, the history of digital technologies, emphasis areas in the program, career opportunities, and ethical/social issues. Students participate in activities that introduce students to digital media, digital systems, and software engineering. Students learn to use distributed version control systems and how to work on collaborative teams. Fall 2019 A 3.00 Credits N/A
1040 - Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming An introduction to problem solving methods and programming concepts, providing experience in designing, developing, implementing, and testing programs. Fall 2019 A 3.00 Credits Console Applications in Python
1610 - Introduction to Digital Media Design This project-based course is an introduction to the concepts and practices of audio design, graphic design, motion media design and basic video editing. Current technologies are employed to examine design fundamentals and applications of media design that apply to audio and video production and new media production. Spring 2020 A 3.00 Credits Creating Visual and Audio Content
2040 - Programming Languages and Paradigms This course presents programming principles and their syntactical representation and implementation across languages including those that are compiled and interpreted. The course shows how to implement algorithms and data structures to solve problems while utilizing paradigms offered by the programming languages such as procedural, object-oriented, protocol-oriented, functional, and declarative. Language support for strong and weak typing and type safety are covered along with support for optional values. Provides experience in developing algorithms and determining their efficiency, designing application architecture, and developing applications. Building and using libraries/application programming interfaces is covered. Git and GitHub are used for code versioning and collaboration. Integrated development environments (IDEs) are used for managing, building, debugging, and testing applications. Spring 2020 A 3.00 Credits C# Console Applications and Database Operations with LINQ
Mathematics 1400 - Calculus for Social and Life Sciences I The real number system, functions, analytic geometry, derivatives, integrals, maximum-minimum problems. Fall 2019 A+ 3.00 Credits N/A
1300 - Finite Mathematics A selections of topics in finite mathematics such as: basic financial mathematics, counting methods and basic probability and statistics, systems of linear equations and matrices. Spring 2020 C+ 3.00 Credits N/A
English 1000 - Exposition and Argumentation Stresses writing as a process, with due attention given to critical reading and thinking skills applicable to all college classes, as well as to invention, drafting, revising, and rewriting. English 1000 is a prerequisite for any Writing Intensive course. Spring 2020 A 3.00 Credits Experience writing Papers of Various Styles

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